About Us

Style for Italians is a way of life – essential to living well. Their tradition of great design combined with expert craftsmanship continues today to exemplify true luxury. The Annelli Collection embodies this philosophy – style that is chic and practical, products of uncompromising quality to be enjoyed everyday for years to come. We bring you Italian sensibility for an American lifestyle.

The Annelli Collection was founded by two sisters: one was a talented art director with a background in design and publishing, and the other had built a successful career in strategic marketing for private banks. Both had lived their lives passionate about great design and functional style.

When one sister moved to Italy, she discovered beautiful workmanship that was unparalleled; the exquisite combination of form and function. Comfortable, chic and practical, the products are created to last. Italian style is an inherent part of their quality of life and that is what is so unique and desirable. Wanting to bring a piece of this home – enjoying luxurious things as a part of everyday life – the sisters joined forces. With the best of materials and craftsmen in Italy, the Annelli Collection was born.

The company is headquartered in Connecticut where one sister resides. The other sister has lived in Italy and selected each Italian Associate to develop the lines..